Why Standardised Extracts Are a Must in Supplements

Why Standardised Extracts Are a Must in Supplements

Pursue a Better, More Efficient Path with Standardised Extracts

At Intent Supplements, we firmly believe in the power of consistency and the pursuit of human potential. We encourage everyone to purposefully work towards their goals and reach their peak naturally. In that spirit, we understand that not all supplements are created equal. We know that you want reliable, potent, and effective supplements to support your journey to success. And that's why we champion the use of standardised extracts.

Firstly, let's be clear, products advertised as 200:1 or similar ratios do not necessarily indicate they are standardised. In fact, these ratios can be misleading, as they simply represent the amount of raw material used to produce the extract, not the consistent and measured concentration of active compounds. Standardisation is about quantifying and guaranteeing the presence of specific active compounds in each dose. So, when choosing a supplement, look for information on the standardised content of active ingredients, rather than just the extraction ratio.

What Are Standardised Extracts?

Standardised extracts are a guarantee. They promise you that the active compounds you're looking for in a supplement are there in a specific, consistent amount every time. When an extract is standardised, it means that the active ingredients have been isolated and measured to ensure you're getting a precise amount in every dose. That's important, because when it comes to achieving your goals, precision matters.

Why You Should Avoid Non-Standardised Products

Non-standardised products are the wild cards of the supplement world. They can't promise consistency because they contain varying amounts of active compounds. One batch may have more, while the next batch may have less or none at all. With non-standardised products, you're leaving too much to chance. That lack of consistency can affect the effectiveness of the supplement, making it harder for you to gauge how it's impacting your body or if it's helping you reach your goals.

The Intent Difference

At Intent Supplements, we believe in purpose, action, and achieving goals with intent. That's why we rely on standardised extracts in our products. We want you to know exactly what you're getting in each dose, so you can plan your journey with confidence. Our Tongkat Ali supplement, for example, uses a standardised freeze-dried method, ensuring that each capsule delivers a consistent level of the active compound Eurycomanone.

Experience the Benefits of Standardisation

When you choose a standardised extract, you're choosing reliability. You're choosing a product that delivers the same level of active compounds every time, so you can stay on track toward your goals. It's an intentional choice for a more purposeful path to success.

At Intent Supplements, we encourage you to embrace consistency and drive yourself closer to your goals. We're here to support you on your journey with reliable, effective, standardised supplements. Let's pursue our goals together with intent.

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